TikTok health and beauty hacks you need to try

TikTok health and beauty hacks you need to try

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Many of us can admit we’ve learnt one or two tricks and hacks from TikTok over the past few years.

From using tape to perfect your winged eyeliner, a frozen cucumber to reduce puffiness on your face, and even using socks to help get professional-looking curls (yes you read that right!) TikTok has proven both entertaining AND educational for us all.

For the uninitiated, TikTok is a social media app that lets users create and share short videos with each other. It’s mostly popular among teens and young adults, although it also has plenty of older users too. It focuses mainly on quick, humorous videos, which makes it an ideal platform for making music and dance videos, which are popular on TikTok.

However, many people are using the app to share health and beauty hacks. For example, there are now videos on how to get rid of acne, make your own face masks, and style your hair in a quick and easy way. While the jury is still out on whether these hacks actually work, it’s interesting to see people using TikTok in this way. It’s also possible that TikTok could become the go-to source of information for health and beauty tips in the future.

Whatever your thoughts, it’s clear that TikTok is here to stay – for the time being at least – and is a great way of exploring new and exciting ways to improve your looks and enhance your health and wellbeing. So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite TikTok health and beauty hacks for you to try today.


Want that fuller look for your lips but without the filler? Mouth contouring is your answer. All you need is a contour stick and, as always, to trust the process. Simply line the edges of your top lip and bottom lip and blend out with a makeup sponge and you’re left with instantly lifted and plump-looking lips.


No one likes waking up to a tired, puffy and red face in the morning. But instead of piling on the concealer and foundation, try icing your face with a cucumber. TikTok beauty gurus have been freezing half a cucumber overnight before using it in the morning to reduce swelling and puffiness on the skin. Massaging around the face for just a few minutes is said to brighten your skin and reduce blemishes.


Just like the mouth contouring hack, blush and how you apply it can also play a huge role in the way your face looks. Those of us set in our ways with the same routine for the past ten years are probably used to dabbing some on our beauty blender or blush, and dragging it across our cheeks. However, TikTok is teaching us just how many different application methods there are. For example, for a lifted look, try applying two spots at the top of your cheekbones before lightly dabbing with a brush so it sinks into the skin, instead of dragging it across your whole cheek. Similarly, for a more sun-kissed look, apply three spots across your cheeks and nose before blending.


This TikTok trend could probably do with a name change, but fear not, it’s a good one nonetheless! Slugging is a way to retain moisture in the skin by applying Vaseline at the end of your nighttime skin routine and leaving it there overnight. You’ll wake up with super soft, replenished skin the next day.


No one enjoys a breakout of spots and we all fight the urge to squeeze and pop. However, TikTok introduced many of us to a pretty nifty hack to get rid of them - using hydrocolloid plasters. These pimple plasters help heal spots from the inside out. Try them out overnight and see what results you get the next day.


Too many of us struggle with the frustrating ordeal of curling our hair. Not leaving ourselves enough time in the morning, or simply being too lazy to sit and using the curling iron, are both pretty valid reasons for avoiding the hairstyle. TikTok made all our dreams come true when the heatless curl trend came into play. All you need to do is section your hair into two or four (depending on your hair length and thickness), grab a pair of socks and roll your hair up from the bottom in the sock. Then simply tie it in a knot and go to bed. The next day you should have effortless, luscious curls, ready for the day ahead.


If you’ve somehow managed to avoid downloading TikTok after all this time, it might be time to consider giving it a go. You might learn something that’ll change your health and beauty regime for good. As we’ve shown above, there is a wealth of health and beauty tips on TikTok that can help enhance the way you look and feel.
It’s important to remember, though, that some work better than others. While some may have an instant impact, there’s no real way of shortcutting yourself to better long-term health and wellbeing. The only sustainable way to achieve that is by eating well, exercising regularly, avoiding stress, getting plenty of rest and relaxation, and making positive lifestyle choices. Natural supplements can complement all the measures listed above to make sure you get enough essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to help you live a long, healthy life.


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