The best Instagram health & beauty hashtags to follow

The best Instagram health & beauty hashtags to follow

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There is no doubt that Instagram has become a powerhouse for sharing photos and videos. But what about using the app for finding health and beauty tips?

Some people swear by it, saying that they have found great skincare and hair care advice on the platform.

Others are not so sure, with some believing that the content can be quite unreliable. What seems to be true is that you can find a mix of good and bad advice on Instagram when it comes to health and beauty. It all depends on who you follow and what you are looking for.

Instagram is arguably the best platform when it comes to finding health and beauty products, honest reviews of these products, and how to use them. There is an endless list of hashtags that you can follow to ensure you stay updated with the latest beauty trends, makeup hacks and health advice.

If you’re interested in skincare, for example, then searching for hashtags such as #skincare or #beauty will give you access to a variety of posts from people who have tried different products and share their thoughts on them.

With Instagram being such an image-focused platform, it’s the perfect place for beauty influencers and brands to share their health and beauty products and the results they give, allowing followers to gain more visual information on whether a product is right for them, before purchasing.

Whether you’re looking to grow your own account on Instagram, or want to gain more knowledge of the products and tips out there for your own personal use, there are a number of hashtags you can use in your own posts, and begin to follow to connect with like-minded users in the health and beauty community.



There are so many popular health and beauty hashtags to follow on Instagram that it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve listed ten of the most popular below. If your interests are more niche, a pro tip is to dive into some of the content on the most popular hashtags, and then look for other hashtags on those posts. For example, jumping on the #skincare hashtag will open up posts with other hashtags like #skincaretips, #skincarelovers and #skincarecommunity. Accessing these posts will give you access to hashtags like #naturalskincare, #skincarelover and #skincareblogger. Each hashtag will take you down its own unique rabbit hole, so be sure to have plenty of time to spare so you can enjoy the content, and maybe pick up a few tips along the way.

Our top ten health and beauty hashtags, in no particular order, are:

  • #beauty - 506m posts
  • #skincare - 99.2m posts
  • #beautybloggers - 8.8m posts
  • #skincareroutine - 22.5m posts
  • #healthandbeautytips - 19.4k posts
  • #personalcare - 1m posts
  • #makeup - 379m posts
  • #makeuptutorial - 46.2m posts
  • #haircare - 16.3m posts
  • #healthandwellness - 6.9m posts

Remember to keep an eye on your favourite influencers’ posts to spot new and trending hashtags that you can follow as well as the ones listed above.



It’s not just Instagram that’s popular with the health and beauty industry. TikTok has also seen a surge of creators talking about all things beauty and wellness too, often with creators already having an existing following on Instagram. Here are some of the top influencers for health and beauty:

@thepatriciabrightPatricia is arguably one of the biggest beauty names in the game. She shares relatable content and has a fun Instagram feed full of product recommendations and great makeup tutorials.

 @mindbodygreen – With more than one million followers, mindbodygreen shares a vibrant Instagram feed with healthy recipes, inspirational quotes, DIY beauty tips and much more to help you live life to its full.
@anjalimahtoDr Anjali Mahto is a London-based consultant dermatologist. This is the account to follow for the ultimate skincare education, insight and advice for adult skin conditions and general skincare top tips.
@benefitcosmeticuk – Benefit is a well-known and respected makeup brand, but their Instagram offers much more than boosting and selling their products. They share information on women’s health, top tips for health and beauty, as well as tutorials on how best to use their products for the best results.

How to know if a product review is legitimate

When it comes to any social media platform, it can be tricky to work out what products are actually going to work for you. With so many paid partnerships between influencers and brands, how can you tell if a product really is ‘all that’?

The best way to spot a good product is whether or not you’re seeing it on a paid post, or an organic post. If a brand’s only reviews are paid partnerships, those influencers are being paid to promote that product, sometimes without even trying it themselves. Most credible influencers will review products without having any bias, but the more positive organic reviews a product has, the more likely it is to actually give you good results.


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