Best plant-based protein sources

Best plant-based protein sources

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Protein is a key component of a balanced diet that promotes muscle growth and burns fat, helping you maintain a healthy body composition.

It is the building block of growth, which supports muscle recovery after physical exercise and enhances the build-up of lean muscle mass.

It is used to build and repair tissue and create the enzymes, hormones and other chemicals your body needs to grow. It also helps you to maintain healthy skin, hair and fingernails.


Fibrous protein works to form muscle fibres, tendons, connective tissue and bone.

Globular protein has functions such as transporting, catalysing and regulating tissue.

Membrane protein plays several roles, such as allowing cells to interact and relaying signals within and between them.

Many people presume the best way to get protein is from animal-based sources. However, this is not the case. There is a whole array of plant-based protein sources for those who don’t include meat in their diet.



Protein plays many roles in improving the function of your body. It helps build tissue and allows metabolic reactions to occur. It also helps keep your immune system strong and stores nutrients that can act as an energy source. Its other important functions include: 

Growth & maintenance
A good amount of protein means your body can grow and maintain its tissues. Your body breaks down the same amount of protein that it uses to build and repair tissues. But sometimes, especially in periods of illness or during pregnancy, the body breaks down more protein than it can create. Older people and athletes also tend to need more protein than others.
Structural support
Fibrous proteins, including keratin, collagen and elastin, help form the connective framework of certain structures in your body.
Boosts immune health
Proteins aid the formation of antibodies that help protect your body from harmful invaders like bacteria and viruses. 


Plant-based protein comes from a wide range of sources, and each has its own nutritional benefits.
Regardless of whether you follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, mixing up your protein intake with several different types of plant-based protein will help you get a wider array of nutrients into your diet.  In our opinion, the three best plant-based protein sources are: 

Soy products are one of the richest sources of protein for a plant-based diet. Firm tofu, which is derived from soy, contains around 10g of protein per half-cup and can be used as a meat substitute in meals. 
Cooked lentils contain 8.84g of protein per half-cup and include plenty of key nutrients such as iron and potassium. They are a great addition to any lunch or dinner and can be added to almost any dish. 
Cooked chickpeas contain around 7.25g of protein per half-cup and can be added to dishes such as stews and curries. You can also make homemade hummus from chickpea paste, which becomes a protein-rich alternative to butter. 


Lily & Loaf’s Chocolate & Hazelnut Pea Protein Powder is a delicious premium protein supplement made from a specially formulated blend of pea protein isolate and essential amino acids, with added vitamins and minerals. It has been specially formulated to support your lifestyle goals by delivering 16.5g of high-quality plant-based protein with every serving.

SynerProTein  from Nature’s Sunshine, is a low fat, high protein drink formula combining non-GMO soy protein and the full range of essential amino acids. Thanks to sophisticated nutritional engineering, SynerProTein will help you obtain complete, high-quality vegetable protein without the calories, cholesterol and fat of other protein sources. Available in vanilla or chocolate flavour.

Nature’s Sunshine Pea Protein Plus is a superb nutritious blend that provides complete daily nutrition in a unique combination that is free from dairy, gluten, lactose, saturated fat and cholesterol. Pea protein offers an amino acid profile like that of soy, without the phytoestrogens. 


Our nutritional protein supplements provide a perfect way of complementing your daily intake of protein to ensure you are getting the right amount of high-quality protein as part of a balanced diet. Add them to a breakfast shake to start your day the right way, or use our Red Berry Protein Powder for an evening treat while still getting the protein you need.

Exercise and eating well remain the cornerstone of health and wellbeing. Our protein supplements can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle plan to support your exercise goals, whether you are looking to manage your weight, build muscle or improve your general health.

They make an ideal high-protein snack or meal replacement, providing a high-quality natural protein source to help you achieve your goals. 

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